Welcome everyone to the Rehab Detroit blog.

Hello everyone and welcome to Rehab Detroit’s blog.  Since we are a new company in the area the first few post’s here will be introducing our staff and our business to you; our fans.   

Rehab Detroit is a full service real estate solutions group located in the metro Detroit area.  We are not only here to provide property rehabilitation, turn-key investments for all levels of investors but we are available and more than willing to educate our clients and the public on the benefits of home ownership and real estate investments.   We believe that an educated investor is a more powerful investor and will take more pride in their properties and in turn the community they are located in.  By providing you with the opportunity to learn from our various expert team members and articles we post on line each week you will become a more educated investor and in turn empower you with your money. 

Again than you for following Rehab Detroit, we hope that you enjoy our blog and share what you learn with your friends and family. 


Eric Persha

Property Rehabilitation Expert

Rehab Detroit